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We are… Spartans!

There are lots of fun things that only happen once a year. Here are some of my favorites: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day (we went bowling one Valentines Day), and lots more! My FAVORITE one is the Spartan Race! When I did my first Spartan race in 2017 my sister and brother couldn’t do it. I did the half mile. Then when I did my 2018 one my brother could do it but my sister still couldn’t. Then the race that just happened a few days ago in 2019, my sister could do it. It was her first one! I did the whole mile this time!

After my brother and sisters race, I began. An adult told us what we’d be doing, and off we went over the first obstacle… a wall! After the wall I started running. Another obstacle I remember going through is the tunnels. They’re big yellow tubes that kind of curve. You start at the beginning and crawl to the other side; kind of an easy-peasy obstacle. And another obstacle was the sand bag carry. It’s my least favorite obstacle. They put a very heavy sandbag inside a bucket. I think it was about 15 pounds! I had to carry it about 200 yards. I took multiple breaks; I think about 6 total. When I carried the bucket a different way it was much easier. Other parts of the race also had sandbags. Up at the beginning of the blog you saw a picture of me doing the Z-wall. It’s a big wall where you have to not hit the ground as you crawl across zig-zagged handles to ring a bell. There was also a leaf crawl you just had to crawl under. There were other walls in the race too. One of them had holes in it that you just go through. The obstacle I really want to tell you about is a slanted wall with slanted steps on it and you have to crawl diagonally to get to the top and then slide down to the bottom.

When I got to that obstacle I got myself off the ground, my feet on the first step and my hands on the second. But I got so tired of trying to hang on that I gave way and fell down. Then some Spartan guys told me to do 15 burpees; but my dad suggested I try again. So I tried again. I got up, but I got tired again and went back to the ground. Dad gave me advice to swing my arm over so I didn’t fall again. I did that and it worked! When I got to the top I got scared and didn’t know how to get down. I even started crying. Then my dad gave me some other advice to swing my other leg over as I held on. Then I slid down. Then I continued the race. I did a cargo net and ran through some mud. I even screamed after I ran through the mud… it was disgusting! I jumped over fire at the end (it was actually just a pile of sticks painted red and orange). Then I ran to the finish line and got a medal (my third one!). I grabbed a banana for my snack and a drink of water. My mom also gave me a granola bar. Unfortunately when we were headed back on the bus my feet were getting soggier from being wet.

This blog is trying to teach you to NEVER GIVE UP! Just like I did on that obstacle, I never gave up! I got some advice and I was able to finish!

“You need the strength of endurance to reveal the poetry of God’s will and then you receive the promise in full.” Hebrews 10:36 TPT

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  1. A very good and honest accounting of your adventure Jacob, and how you persevered! I’m glad you had fun getting your 3rd medal. I wonder how many you will accumulate? Maybe one day the Tri-fecta?

  2. Way to go; Jacob!!! I am proud of how you didn’t give up and kept trying and following good advice! You ran a GOOD race!!