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Reading the Bible

A couple Rosh Chodesh’s ago, Jesus told me to read the Bible from start to end! He said to do it in one year. I started to do it one day while my mom was working on her business. I started at Genesis 1:1, and I liked it. It took me a couple days before I got to chapter 25, 37, and stuff. After about a week or two, I made it to Exodus. I liked Exodus too; when Moses heard that the Israelites were trapped in Egypt. I read about how he got there, about the plagues, and about how they crossed the Red Sea. After a couple more chapters I made it to Leviticus. It was kind of hard getting through that one because all I was reading about was offerings and rules and stuff. After a LONG time reading that, I made it to Numbers. Unfortunately, that was the hardest one! There were even more rules and it was longer than Leviticus! I kept reading and reading, and after a while again, I made it to Deuteronomy. I like that name because it practically has my nickname in it. My parents call me Duder, and it’s called DEUTER-onomy. I like that book and I’m practically done with it. Right now I’m on Deuteronomy 28:1.

If Jesus tells you to read the Bible, it would be an exciting task. The Bible is one of the most valuable books every made; it’s also the word of God. So if you have a Bible how about you get it out and start reading. Tell me what’s your favorite book as soon as you can.

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  1. I like Paul’s letters to the chirches. Philippians is a particularly favorite of mine. It is referred to as a letter of joy and written while Paul was in prison.


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