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Hearing God

When we’re kids we need parents. Mostly parents talk to us; teaching us a lesson or asking what we want to eat. Parents do help us learn a lot by talking to us. But what’s really cool is when you hear from God. You can hear on Rosh Chodesh which is the new Hebrew month, we call it the new God month. We listen when it’s a new God month and we hear some real things. One time God showed me a fire in Russia and then my mom saw on facebook a minute later that 5000 people had just gotten healed in Russia!

You don’t only have to hear God on Rosh Chodesh, you can hear Him other times. When He’s talking to you He can tell you things, maybe when you’re reading the Bible or when you’re praying or just about anytime! God might tell you something very important, like if a friends in the hospital and you need to pray for him/her or God might tell you something He wants you to do.

Hearing from God isn’t just waiting for Him to tell you something, you can ask Him things. My mom, dad, brother and sister always ask Him things. And I do too. In about one or two seconds we get answers. And when you’re asleep you can also hear Him through dreams. I’ve had multiple dreams and you can too! Just keep your ears open and you might hear Him. We can do it daytime and night. Hearing God is an excellent thing, just like we hear our parents! It’s not too hard! Just keep on listening!

Tip #1- To hear from God, just ask Him and get an answer and once you hear, stick with what you have heard from Him.

Tip #2-Don’t be afraid to ask more than once.

“My own sheep will hear my voice and I know each one, and they will follow me.” John 10:27 (TPT)

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