Fight your fear

As you all know, kids are commonly afraid of stuff. That’s the same with me.I’m afraid of four things, #1 Poppy Playtime. #2 Five Nights At Freddy’s. #3 Granny, (No, i’m not talking about you grandma.) And, #4 Goosebumps. I’ve been struggling with #1 and #2 for a while and I’ve never really had a way of dealing with them. Until now.

The day before I posted this blog… I was in the bathroom, (bathroom noises) when it hit me. ⚡⚡⚡I randomly whipped out a fake game console, (still on the toilet.) and got my GAME FACE on. (Just for the record, I had no idea why I was doing this at the time.) “Here we go.” I used my imagination to picture a standard, taking turns battle video game. I’ll try to explain how this game works.

So, basically you chose something you’re scared of. (Do not pick your worst fear. (That comes later.)) And picture an area with 4 levels were you will battle this fear. Each level comes with 3 waves of what you’re scared of. Each enemy will have HP (health). Your job is to remove that HP, therefore removing that fear. (Try and give your fear low HP, 100, and yourself high HP, 250.) Make up attack names and the damage they do. ex. Golden Hammer, 50, Jeratic Beatdown, 80, Basic Punch, 10, etc.

Wave 1 and 2 are standard waves and include minions of your fear (1-3 at most). Every wave 3 has 1 enemy, the boss. Every boss has bigger HP than a normal enemy. Level 4 has 3 waves as usual BBUUTT they are way harder.

And finally, at level 4, wave 3 is the FINAL BOSS. This BOSS is your fear leader. He/She should have larger HP than usual. When I defeated my first FINAL BOSS, (Huggy Wuggy,#1.) I forgot him. He was just gone. I have never had problems with him since then.

There are many different ways to handle your fears these days and you can chose one of those, or you can chose my tactic. Fear is a thing in this world currently, but soon it will be gone.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 NIV

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Worth the Wait Part 2: New Car

Previously on worth the wait, we talked about going on a road trip to Bozeman and seeing an awesome museum. Now we’re ready for worth the wait part 2.

I’m so excited to go on another road trip! And you know what makes it even more exciting? Having a new car to do it in! And yes, we have a new minivan!

It is blue, has sliding doors, and has plenty of room for groceries. Here’s the story of how we got it. It was just a normal day in our house… or was it? It was almost bedtime and mom and dad were letting us stay up late to watch a show. We had to get ready for bed really fast but it was worth it. While we were watching the show, mom said she saw a big truck coming down our road. At first I didn’t see anything, I did think I saw a big car, but it was just a lamppost. Then I did see the big truck! It was definitely not a lamppost. I kept thinking what is it doing here?! Then I shouted “It’s our new car!!!” I started jumping up and down. My brother and sister starting jumping up and down too.

The truck had two big cars on it. A man came out with a flashlight to unload the first big car. He had to get it out of the way so he could get our car out. After he moved the first car he drove ours off and into our driveway. He then rolled the other car back onto the truck. My dad met him outside. After we got all the paying stuff done, my mom said we could take the new van for a little spin….not a disco dancing spin. 😉

After we took our drive and got home we had to go straight to bed. Even though the car didn’t get here as fast I wanted, it was worth the wait!