Comics LOL!

You know what a book is right? I’m sure everyone does; because books are practically everywhere! On your bookshelves, your lap, and in stores. But books aren’t the only kinds of books; there’s a different kind of book called comic books. I have already made 3 of them! Pre-school-Kindergarten, Kindergarten-1st Grade, and 1st-2nd Grade are the 3 reading levels I’ve made for. This might give you a shock but I’m planning to make 19 comics!! Each comic will be for an older kid; even up to teenagers! My highest comic will be for a person that has a 4 year degree in college! I think my comics are some of the funniest comics ever!
On the picture up above you’ll see the comics I told you about earlier. If you have any funny ideas for my comics, leave a comment below.