Worth the Wait: Part 1

Last year we took a long trip. Luckily it didn’t take days; some of our trips take THREE days! But this time it only took 5 hours. Here’s your first hint of where we went: It was a city in Montana. Can’t guess it? Here’s your second hint: It has a museum. Here’s your last hint: the museum is called “The Museum of the Rockies”. Here’s where we went: Bozeman!

It was so fun! We got our hotel. That was step 1. I still was wondering what my surprise was. Did I mention that there was going to be a surprise for me too? I was super excited for it. A clue for my surprise was that I was going to have to look up. Here’s a picture of us outside the museum. In the top left corner of the picture you might see a T-Rex. After lunch, we headed into the museum. I WAS REALLY, REALLY excited! We saw so many neat sites. We saw Triceratops. We saw T-Rexes. And so many others. We saw statues of dinosaurs fighting. And so much more! But right when we came into the museum I saw my surprise!

My surprise was a planetarium! I knew it was something about space when I first saw it. We saw a cube that was an actual rock from space outside the planetarium! When we went into the planetarium, the first film we saw was about the stars. We saw multiple constellations and where they were. We saw stars that were bigger than the sun! The second film we saw was about the northern lights. There was some music my brother didn’t like though, so he had to leave. I loved the show though, even though I didn’t like the music either.

We also got to go to the museum gift shop before we left. Naylan got a stuffed dinosaur that he named “Bozeman”. I got a little toy rocket and a solar system model you can paint. My sister, Hope got a pink stuffed dinosaur. She named it Pinky.

On the way home we also stopped at a Ranch where we got to pick pumpkins, do a scavenger hunt (where we won a prize), practiced roping, make apple cider, roasted marshmallows and so much more! Then we went home.

I was waiting for this road trip ALL SUMMER! At the top you see my title “Worth the Wait” because even though I waited a while, it was worth it! I’m excited for my next trip. Leave a post below if you think you know what it will be.

If you’re waiting on something, think about what it will be like and when you finally come to it you can see if you’re thinking was right. THE END! John 15