Fight your fear

As you all know, kids are commonly afraid of stuff. That’s the same with me.I’m afraid of four things, #1 Poppy Playtime. #2 Five Nights At Freddy’s. #3 Granny, (No, i’m not talking about you grandma.) And, #4 Goosebumps. I’ve been struggling with #1 and #2 for a while and I’ve never really had a way of dealing with them. Until now.

The day before I posted this blog… I was in the bathroom, (bathroom noises) when it hit me. ⚡⚡⚡I randomly whipped out a fake game console, (still on the toilet.) and got my GAME FACE on. (Just for the record, I had no idea why I was doing this at the time.) “Here we go.” I used my imagination to picture a standard, taking turns battle video game. I’ll try to explain how this game works.

So, basically you chose something you’re scared of. (Do not pick your worst fear. (That comes later.)) And picture an area with 4 levels were you will battle this fear. Each level comes with 3 waves of what you’re scared of. Each enemy will have HP (health). Your job is to remove that HP, therefore removing that fear. (Try and give your fear low HP, 100, and yourself high HP, 250.) Make up attack names and the damage they do. ex. Golden Hammer, 50, Jeratic Beatdown, 80, Basic Punch, 10, etc.

Wave 1 and 2 are standard waves and include minions of your fear (1-3 at most). Every wave 3 has 1 enemy, the boss. Every boss has bigger HP than a normal enemy. Level 4 has 3 waves as usual BBUUTT they are way harder.

And finally, at level 4, wave 3 is the FINAL BOSS. This BOSS is your fear leader. He/She should have larger HP than usual. When I defeated my first FINAL BOSS, (Huggy Wuggy,#1.) I forgot him. He was just gone. I have never had problems with him since then.

There are many different ways to handle your fears these days and you can chose one of those, or you can chose my tactic. Fear is a thing in this world currently, but soon it will be gone.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 NIV

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Worth the Wait Part 2: New Car

Previously on worth the wait, we talked about going on a road trip to Bozeman and seeing an awesome museum. Now we’re ready for worth the wait part 2.

I’m so excited to go on another road trip! And you know what makes it even more exciting? Having a new car to do it in! And yes, we have a new minivan!

It is blue, has sliding doors, and has plenty of room for groceries. Here’s the story of how we got it. It was just a normal day in our house… or was it? It was almost bedtime and mom and dad were letting us stay up late to watch a show. We had to get ready for bed really fast but it was worth it. While we were watching the show, mom said she saw a big truck coming down our road. At first I didn’t see anything, I did think I saw a big car, but it was just a lamppost. Then I did see the big truck! It was definitely not a lamppost. I kept thinking what is it doing here?! Then I shouted “It’s our new car!!!” I started jumping up and down. My brother and sister starting jumping up and down too.

The truck had two big cars on it. A man came out with a flashlight to unload the first big car. He had to get it out of the way so he could get our car out. After he moved the first car he drove ours off and into our driveway. He then rolled the other car back onto the truck. My dad met him outside. After we got all the paying stuff done, my mom said we could take the new van for a little spin….not a disco dancing spin. 😉

After we took our drive and got home we had to go straight to bed. Even though the car didn’t get here as fast I wanted, it was worth the wait!

Comics LOL!

You know what a book is right? I’m sure everyone does; because books are practically everywhere! On your bookshelves, your lap, and in stores. But books aren’t the only kinds of books; there’s a different kind of book called comic books. I have already made 3 of them! Pre-school-Kindergarten, Kindergarten-1st Grade, and 1st-2nd Grade are the 3 reading levels I’ve made for. This might give you a shock but I’m planning to make 19 comics!! Each comic will be for an older kid; even up to teenagers! My highest comic will be for a person that has a 4 year degree in college! I think my comics are some of the funniest comics ever!
On the picture up above you’ll see the comics I told you about earlier. If you have any funny ideas for my comics, leave a comment below.

Worth the Wait: Part 1

Last year we took a long trip. Luckily it didn’t take days; some of our trips take THREE days! But this time it only took 5 hours. Here’s your first hint of where we went: It was a city in Montana. Can’t guess it? Here’s your second hint: It has a museum. Here’s your last hint: the museum is called “The Museum of the Rockies”. Here’s where we went: Bozeman!

It was so fun! We got our hotel. That was step 1. I still was wondering what my surprise was. Did I mention that there was going to be a surprise for me too? I was super excited for it. A clue for my surprise was that I was going to have to look up. Here’s a picture of us outside the museum. In the top left corner of the picture you might see a T-Rex. After lunch, we headed into the museum. I WAS REALLY, REALLY excited! We saw so many neat sites. We saw Triceratops. We saw T-Rexes. And so many others. We saw statues of dinosaurs fighting. And so much more! But right when we came into the museum I saw my surprise!

My surprise was a planetarium! I knew it was something about space when I first saw it. We saw a cube that was an actual rock from space outside the planetarium! When we went into the planetarium, the first film we saw was about the stars. We saw multiple constellations and where they were. We saw stars that were bigger than the sun! The second film we saw was about the northern lights. There was some music my brother didn’t like though, so he had to leave. I loved the show though, even though I didn’t like the music either.

We also got to go to the museum gift shop before we left. Naylan got a stuffed dinosaur that he named “Bozeman”. I got a little toy rocket and a solar system model you can paint. My sister, Hope got a pink stuffed dinosaur. She named it Pinky.

On the way home we also stopped at a Ranch where we got to pick pumpkins, do a scavenger hunt (where we won a prize), practiced roping, make apple cider, roasted marshmallows and so much more! Then we went home.

I was waiting for this road trip ALL SUMMER! At the top you see my title “Worth the Wait” because even though I waited a while, it was worth it! I’m excited for my next trip. Leave a post below if you think you know what it will be.

If you’re waiting on something, think about what it will be like and when you finally come to it you can see if you’re thinking was right. THE END! John 15

We are… Spartans!

There are lots of fun things that only happen once a year. Here are some of my favorites: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day (we went bowling one Valentines Day), and lots more! My FAVORITE one is the Spartan Race! When I did my first Spartan race in 2017 my sister and brother couldn’t do it. I did the half mile. Then when I did my 2018 one my brother could do it but my sister still couldn’t. Then the race that just happened a few days ago in 2019, my sister could do it. It was her first one! I did the whole mile this time!

After my brother and sisters race, I began. An adult told us what we’d be doing, and off we went over the first obstacle… a wall! After the wall I started running. Another obstacle I remember going through is the tunnels. They’re big yellow tubes that kind of curve. You start at the beginning and crawl to the other side; kind of an easy-peasy obstacle. And another obstacle was the sand bag carry. It’s my least favorite obstacle. They put a very heavy sandbag inside a bucket. I think it was about 15 pounds! I had to carry it about 200 yards. I took multiple breaks; I think about 6 total. When I carried the bucket a different way it was much easier. Other parts of the race also had sandbags. Up at the beginning of the blog you saw a picture of me doing the Z-wall. It’s a big wall where you have to not hit the ground as you crawl across zig-zagged handles to ring a bell. There was also a leaf crawl you just had to crawl under. There were other walls in the race too. One of them had holes in it that you just go through. The obstacle I really want to tell you about is a slanted wall with slanted steps on it and you have to crawl diagonally to get to the top and then slide down to the bottom.

When I got to that obstacle I got myself off the ground, my feet on the first step and my hands on the second. But I got so tired of trying to hang on that I gave way and fell down. Then some Spartan guys told me to do 15 burpees; but my dad suggested I try again. So I tried again. I got up, but I got tired again and went back to the ground. Dad gave me advice to swing my arm over so I didn’t fall again. I did that and it worked! When I got to the top I got scared and didn’t know how to get down. I even started crying. Then my dad gave me some other advice to swing my other leg over as I held on. Then I slid down. Then I continued the race. I did a cargo net and ran through some mud. I even screamed after I ran through the mud… it was disgusting! I jumped over fire at the end (it was actually just a pile of sticks painted red and orange). Then I ran to the finish line and got a medal (my third one!). I grabbed a banana for my snack and a drink of water. My mom also gave me a granola bar. Unfortunately when we were headed back on the bus my feet were getting soggier from being wet.

This blog is trying to teach you to NEVER GIVE UP! Just like I did on that obstacle, I never gave up! I got some advice and I was able to finish!

“You need the strength of endurance to reveal the poetry of God’s will and then you receive the promise in full.” Hebrews 10:36 TPT

Why We Celebrate Easter

Easter is one of many holidays we have to celebrate. There’s also Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years and others we don’t need to mention. But the big question is, why do we celebrate Easter? It’s because Jesus died on the cross to wash away all our sins. God loves us so much that He killed His only son so we can have eternal life with Him. But Easter’s big surprise is Jesus rose from the dead!!!

Some people turn holidays that were meant to have important points into fun days. They turn Christmas into getting presents and getting; instead of giving. They turn Thanksgiving into just a big feast without thankfulness. And they turned Easter into a big egg hunt and candy! Most people do all the parties on the days but only some do what the days are really about. If you do all the fun events on Easter I want you to read this blog. It’s ok if we do the fun stuff but we should also celebrate what it’s really about.

I want you to celebrate all the special things that the days are about. Give thanks on Thanksgiving, celebrate Jesus birth on Christmas, and celebrate Jesus’ resurrection on Easter. What’s your favorite holiday? I hope to hear from you soon.

“And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith.” 1 Co. 15:14

Reading the Bible

A couple Rosh Chodesh’s ago, Jesus told me to read the Bible from start to end! He said to do it in one year. I started to do it one day while my mom was working on her business. I started at Genesis 1:1, and I liked it. It took me a couple days before I got to chapter 25, 37, and stuff. After about a week or two, I made it to Exodus. I liked Exodus too; when Moses heard that the Israelites were trapped in Egypt. I read about how he got there, about the plagues, and about how they crossed the Red Sea. After a couple more chapters I made it to Leviticus. It was kind of hard getting through that one because all I was reading about was offerings and rules and stuff. After a LONG time reading that, I made it to Numbers. Unfortunately, that was the hardest one! There were even more rules and it was longer than Leviticus! I kept reading and reading, and after a while again, I made it to Deuteronomy. I like that name because it practically has my nickname in it. My parents call me Duder, and it’s called DEUTER-onomy. I like that book and I’m practically done with it. Right now I’m on Deuteronomy 28:1.

If Jesus tells you to read the Bible, it would be an exciting task. The Bible is one of the most valuable books every made; it’s also the word of God. So if you have a Bible how about you get it out and start reading. Tell me what’s your favorite book as soon as you can.

Seeing Angels

Everyday we can see our parents and people around us. We can see how beautiful and handsome people are. We can see what they’re wearing, like a fancy hat or blue jeans. Seeing is one of our five senses. We do know we have five senses: sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing. But we don’t have 5 senses, we have six!! You might not know this one, but the sixth sense is one about God. You use the sixth sense when you use one of your 5 senses, let’s say hearing for example, to hear God. Seeing things of God is part of the sixth sense too. This blog is going to be about seeing with our sixth sense.

My brother, whose name is Naylan and is 5 years old, has seen angels before. Naylan has said he’s not afraid of seeing angels. If you ever see one, you don’t have to be afraid; they might have important messages. My brother has the power to see angels because he is willing to let God show Him whatever He needs to show him.

If you see an angel, it’s super exciting! They are really bright and they are from Heaven. This is what you should do if you see an angel that is black. Say: “Go outside! Get away from our house!” Then the bad angels (the bad angels are called demons) will leave. They’re scared of Jesus.

You can also have visions angels might be in. Like Jacob from the Bible. He saw a staircase leading up to heaven and angels going up and down with God at the top. You can also see angels in dreams. Angels are always protecting you. One of the names of God is The Lord of Angel Armies. The angel armies will protect you from the bad angels. They’ll scare them out of your house.

Seeing angels is a privilege from God; an exciting privilege indeed!

Elisha said, “Don’t be afraid. The army that fights for us is larger than the one against us.” 2 Kings 6:16

Hearing God

When we’re kids we need parents. Mostly parents talk to us; teaching us a lesson or asking what we want to eat. Parents do help us learn a lot by talking to us. But what’s really cool is when you hear from God. You can hear on Rosh Chodesh which is the new Hebrew month, we call it the new God month. We listen when it’s a new God month and we hear some real things. One time God showed me a fire in Russia and then my mom saw on facebook a minute later that 5000 people had just gotten healed in Russia!

You don’t only have to hear God on Rosh Chodesh, you can hear Him other times. When He’s talking to you He can tell you things, maybe when you’re reading the Bible or when you’re praying or just about anytime! God might tell you something very important, like if a friends in the hospital and you need to pray for him/her or God might tell you something He wants you to do.

Hearing from God isn’t just waiting for Him to tell you something, you can ask Him things. My mom, dad, brother and sister always ask Him things. And I do too. In about one or two seconds we get answers. And when you’re asleep you can also hear Him through dreams. I’ve had multiple dreams and you can too! Just keep your ears open and you might hear Him. We can do it daytime and night. Hearing God is an excellent thing, just like we hear our parents! It’s not too hard! Just keep on listening!

Tip #1- To hear from God, just ask Him and get an answer and once you hear, stick with what you have heard from Him.

Tip #2-Don’t be afraid to ask more than once.

“My own sheep will hear my voice and I know each one, and they will follow me.” John 10:27 (TPT)

Gifts from God

Have you ever tried something that you liked? When you’re little you can wish to be something; like a firefighter, a policeman, a paramedic. There’s lots of things you can think of. But when you grow up you might even change your mind; from a firefighter to a paramedic or a paramedic to a policeman. But who are you meant to be?? Ask Jesus that sometime. Maybe you wish to be something you really like, but what if God sent you out to do something that you don’t like but you’d start to like it when you just do it. Maybe He wants you to be part of the military when you wanted to be a firefighter. It’s not about what you want to be, it’s about what God wants you to be. I feel like I want to be a scientist one day, but maybe God wants me to be something else.

Even if you don’t care if God asks you to do something, He loves you and He made you, and He knows what’s best for you. God gives you gifts to help you be who He’s called you to be. I hope you already know what God wants you to be. I can’t wait to hear all about it. You can leave me a comment below.